Elvis, What Happened….

Elvis what Happened?

Three of Elvis Presley’s body guards wrote a scandalous book some years ago in the 1970’s. It spoke of Elvis’s life and included allot of negative things.

They said something that really stuck in my mind as I read that book many years ago. They said that Elvis as a very young man before he went into the military had success, money, fame, homes and all that comes with it but drugs in his life took away the most precious, valuable things in his life.

Is there something in your life today or in your past that has stolen away the most precious things, the things that were most valuable to your life?

When I laid in my bed close to death the eyes of my understanding were open quite wide. What is most valuable in life is not the home you live in, the car you drive or how much money you have in the bank. It is not how much you weigh or how good you look.

When you are on your death bed what is most valuable is your relationship with God and your relationship with others. It’s about people and God.

Now I surround myself with nice people, good people, I love my friends but you know what? They are a work in progress and I accept that and love them.

I guess because they know that they often feel safe letting me see the real them, see inside because they know I am not going to judge them or reject them.

LOL…I mean look at my life, who am I to judge? I came from a divorced home, started smoking around the age of ten, had my first experience with drugs at around 12. I was a drug addict, a drunk and about everything else the devil could make someone at a tender age but at 17 I met the Lord on the corner of walk and don’t walk, right at a road crossing. Right out in front of God and the whole neighborhood….LOL.

And as I have said in the past I backslid and got away from church and good people and suffered greatly but I cried out to the Lord in 1981 and God really delivered me out of a crazy lifestyle of substance abuse and sin.

I had lost everything that was of any value to my life and I hit rock bottom before I cried out to God. What will it take for you to cry out to God and get things right and do what he wants you to do in this life.

Do you really want to have to go through experiences like Jonah? Do you really want things to get so bad that it forces you to cry out to God?

You see the problem with our conflicts in life today is we need to get the sin out of our lives, we need to confess, repent and obey God.

Here is the problem, God calls us to be Holy. It is a concept to us. We do not know what it means or what it would look like to live in, walk by, and sow to the Holy Spirit.

When you don’t all that is left is a notion, not a real living of holiness. I think when all the data is in when the dust settles we are in conflict with each other because we are not what we claim to be.

We lack spiritual authenticity really, we claim to be crucified with Christ but it is “I” who lives, not Christ.

I got a call from a wife yesterday because the Lord had put on my heart that something was wrong, I felt like she was going through a battle so I sent her an email telling her I was praying for her and thought she was going through a battle.

She replied back that she had been going through a battle for about three weeks. Now I have to convey something for you to understand what I am trying to say.

This young lady is probably one of the kindest, most loving people you would ever come across in your life. She like I said in married, has a wonderful husband and they are very much in love and they have beautiful children.

But an incident happened and the wife was hurt by her husbands response to her input on a matter. She felt like he did not value her input and was hurt and wounded by his response.

Now what is most valuable in her life is her relationship with God, her relationship with her husband and her relationship with her children.

So she was hurt and she wanted her husband to know she was hurt and come to her and talk to her about it so that the conflict in her heart could be resolved.

So how did she go about resolving the conflict. She thought if I shut down he will notice and talk to me and I will pour out the hurt that I am feeling in my heart.

Now the husband does not have any idea at all what is going on inside of his wife. He has been very busy, more than his usual routine and has only noticed that his wife has been acting kind of moody, distant but has been so busy he hasn’t really talked to her about it.

Now this had gone on about three weeks. I send an email about this battle she is going thought that in the natural I would not know anything about.

She then goes to a bible study after she reads my email and the bible study is all about getting the sin out of your life. Her husband comes home that night and she opens up to him and tells him everything.

They hug, kiss, communicate, cry, forgive and promise not to go down that road again dealing with a problem in that way. Now what the wife started off doing was not handling things according to scripture but she ended up handling things by scripture and believe me this precious sister learned from this situation.

What we have to understand and embrace is this truth. The Gospel offers the power to change our lives, to renounce our past, and to form new habits of righteousness.

Now this sister was responding to a situation based on her old system of dealing with things which was to shut down and not communicate. But now she is transformed from this situation, has asked for forgiveness and has repented and is now going to implement and form a habit of righteousness in her life to deal with this kind of problem in her life. This is working on living a holy life.

You see when we gather together in mutual love and submission under God’s Word and Spirit, we have the opportunity to hear God speak in ways that change and form us. You see we are CALLED to be separate and holy:

1Pe 1:15 But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; 
1Pe 1:16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

You see in the modern day church holiness is a concept, a notion, something we hear preached and taught but it is not practiced. Most of the time when holiness is tried to be achieved it ends up being legalism. God says be holy not DO holy.

We must realize when we are trying to reconcile in a conflict it is not about what you know or feel, it is about obeying and being.

We have to understand that holiness is a discipline in our lives that requires a community of others to practice. We cannot be holy alone.

Thinking and doing follow sacrifice and transformation:

1Jn 3:18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

I know that I am being repetitive about conflict but it is because I have been getting the Facebook posts, emails, phone calls, personal meeting with people that are going through conflicts and are having difficulty in dealing with somethings.

Like I said, good, caring, loving people whose lives have been altered because they are not handling conflict according to scripture. People I love and do not want to see their lives in the pain and suffering that they are going through.

I’ll close with this. We are called to be transformed, not to be conformed to the pattern or patterns of this world. We are called to be transformed by a renewing of our minds:

Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

But the test of transformation does not end with the renewed mind. The renewed mind must result in specific habits and practises that test and prove God’s will. God calls us to be a people where this happens.

Have a blessed day and may your conflicts be resolved with reconciliation.

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