Get Rid of Religion?

People that want to get rid of religion want to do so because it limits their behavior. Why would people want the ten commandments stripped from our court houses and in other places? What is so horribly offensive about the ten commandments from God?

Well first off God says you shall have no other gods before me. Well I can see that would be pretty offensive to people who have placed other gods before the Great I AM.

Commandment number two…You shall not make unto you any graven image. Now I can see how that would be a problem with some people seeing they have graven images in their homes and lives.

Let’s move on to three…You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain…I can see how that is a problem for many because that take the name of the Lord in vain on a regular basis.

Number four….Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.. Again, you have so many that do not set aside this day of entering into rest and ceasing from the labor and worshiping the Lord together.

Number five…Honor your mother and father. Today I see and hear children and adults speak to their parents in a disgraceful way. I can see how they would not want to be reminded that it is wrong.

Number six…Thou shall not kill…No person has the right to take their own life or the life of another. This is not talking about war or defending one’s self or family members against attackers.

number seven….You shall not commit adultery. This speaks of having sex with another man’s wife but was more commonly used to include whoredom and fornication.

Number eight…Thou shall not steal.Do not take things that do not belong to you.

Nine..Do not bear false witness against you neighbor. This speaks of a person telling lies against someone in a court setting but also in a much broader sense. When you gossip when what you are saying has not been established in the mouth of two or three witnesses you are lying in some way and bearing false witness against that person.

Number ten….You shall not covet….This commandment tells us that sins are not done just outwardly but inwardly also. In our minds and our hearts wanting what belongs to another, homes, wives, their possessions etc.

Well I guess the people who want these commandments torn out of our government centers and other places feel like these commandments are a real cancer to our society, that they will destroy the moral fiber of our nation……I would call them stupid idiots, morons but I would not want to slander idiots or morons.

The ten commandments were not given to us to save someone’s soul by someone keeping all of them. It was to make us aware of what sin is and know that we have sinned against God.

They illuminate our hearts and lives to the truth that all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. They should take us to a place of saying God I have sinned against you.

I know you have died on the Cross for my sins, please for give my sins, I’m sorry for the sins I have committed against you, I believe you died on the Cross for me.

You died, was buried in a tomb but three days later you rose from the dead and now sit at the right hand of God the Father and right now with my mouth I confess that you are the Son of God, My Savior, My Lord and my God. At this very moment I receive you into my heart and life as my personal Savior. Receiving and asking this in Jesus Name….Amen.

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