God hates Divorce

God Hates Divorce….

I have spoken to many couples over the years that were so very unhappy in their marriages. Some divorced, some stayed miserably married for the sake of children to have a mother and father growing up. Some just argue all the time, name calling and the list is endless of unhappy, unfulfilled marriages.

All of these problems in these marriages have one thing in common. They all have a common root system to them that gives life to their marriage problem and it is a theological problem. Every single one of them is more than an interpersonal problem, a community problem.

When the eyes of our understanding are enlightened we see and identify that the root problem, the underlying problem is a theological problem.

It’s a theological problem as far as refusing to do things God’s way. A refusal of not submitting, obeying, a problem of rebellion and boils down to digging our feet in the sand and not doing what God has told us to do.

It really amazes me when I see a Christian be in a really bad marriage not do what God has told them to do to fix that marriage.

It is like a extremely sick man that knows he needs to take a medicine to live but refuses. I mean I get it, wives that have been treated and talked to in a way that they shut down and stop being this wonderful creation that God made them to be, I get it. But I also get this, it is a choice.

Now we get up today and we are going to make choices. What will you wear, what will you eat, what are you going to think about, what are you going to do etc. Choices each and every moment of every single day of our lives.

But if you do not make good choices and you are miserable don’t blame your spouse, your children or anyone else. That is living life through victims glasses.

Your not taking responsibility for your own actions. Just because everyone in your life is miserable does not mean you have to be miserable.

This is a brand new day and as long as you don’t bring your yesterdays and your tomorrows into today you can have a pretty great day.

This day is meant to be lived by faith not feelings. How big is your God today? Is your God a figment of your imagination or is your God the God of the Bible?

Now you can start this day plagued by problems or you can cast them upon the Lord, you can get up forgiving and loving people today, yes, loving people today, even you ENEMIES.

You see Christianity is a whole different kind of life, it has a whole different system dynamic, a different force and power to it than a person who has not been redeemed.

When the Bible says I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST God is not lying to us. God will help us do all things. God will help you cut your root system of your past and give you a new beginning today if you are willing.

Come on now, don’t you really in your heart of hearts really want to say goodbye to all of the hurt, pain, heartache, suffering, pain, damage of your yesterdays? You can, it’s a choice today.

There is an old saying someone started and I remember it from childhood. It says, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” That my friend is very good advice when it comes to marriage problems or any other kind of problem.

Maybe you can’t get your spouse to change but you can change. You don’t have to stay miserable, angry, bitter, resentful, you don’t have to be unloving with your words and actions. You just need to lay everything on the altar.

You need to repent, forgive, submit, obey and be on your way to restoration, reconciliation, renewal, rebuilding, recovery. Come on, what’s it going to be today?

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