Happy Father’s Day…

Happy Father’s Day. What an important part you play in your home. God knew what he was doing when he put a man and woman together to start a family.

I can remember back in first grade when my piers would speak of going fishing or to a baseball game with their dads. I had no stories to share because my mom and dad divorced when I was three.

I began to make friends with other boys who came from broken homes, problem children, having problems later with those in authority.

It takes God in a person’s life to be a real father. The way Fatherhood was meant to be in a family. A Father who raises his children up in the ways of the Lord, who doesn’t provoke his children to anger who is a man of character and integrity. Who does right in the eyes of his family. Who is honorable.

Anytime we try to be fathers without a dependency upon the Holy Spirit we fail. Jesus said it clear and plain….apart from me you can do nothing.

There is the world’s way of being a Father and then there is God’s way of being a Father, God is our example of perfect Fatherhood.

God bless all of you Father’s today on your special day. I pray God will help you in this special place you have been placed in, in your child’s life.

Have a blessed day today, God bless you abundantly!

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