Happy Independence Day?

Happy Independence Day

What does that word independence mean to us. Well to me it means freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or things of this nature of others.

I come from a military family. My grandfather was a full bird colonel in the United States Army. That is right below a brigadier general. I had both uncles and aunts that served in the military.

I am a veteran myself and served my country which in turn were serving others in other countries. I have been to France, Germany, Israel, South America, Central America and Canada and I can tell you one thing, I could not wait to get back home to this country.

I always hear people talk about the negative things going on in this country and never speak of all the good things this country does, that is really strange.

Could you imagine raising a child and all you do is constantly talk about the negative and never praise them for the good they do?

My fellow veterans today and in time past have served this country and fought for other countries to maintain freedom. We have given money, lives of our young men and women to help others in times of war.

After war we have given billions of dollars to help rebuild these countries and their families. We have given great loans that have never been repaid and we have kept on helping.

This nation was founded on the Word of God, our laws based on the Word of God. We have sent this Gospel all over the world, sent missionaries, built churches, given more bibles and people, money, food than any other nation on the face of the earth.

We have shown love to our enemies, kindness to those who did not deserve it. We have opened our gates to people from other countries and they have found this country will give food stamps, money, education, small business loans to help people get started, medical, dental and a great variety of things for those coming into this country.

I know you can get negative about these things if you wanted to but tell me, how many other countries would do things like this?

I saw some man in a picture burn the flag of the United States of America. Because he lives in this country, a free country, the home of the free and the brave as the song says, he can do that, try that in North Korea.

How do you think a father and mother feel whose son or daughter had arms and legs blown off in war or lose their lives fighting for others in our military and see someone burning our flag?

You know I love people and I love the Lord but my Bible tells me that the Lord is angry with the wicked everyday. When I see people desecrate the flag of my country something runs all over me.

I can tell you I would not be a very good replacement for God. God has Grace, Love, Compassion and Patience towards His creation, not wanting any to perish but desiring all to be saved.

When I see people burning the flag I would have them arrested and put on the first plane to North Korea, Iraq, Iran or some other place like that because they are a cancer to our society. Of course I would put a Bible in their hands before I kicked their butts off our soil…lol.

My brother was drafted and went to Vietnam on two tours. He came home in California to shouts of war protesters shouting, “Baby Killers”. That will do a number on your head. At twenty five he put a bullet in his heart and killed himself. War can change you life friend, don’t be so quick to judge a veteran who has went to war if you have never walked in their shoes.

Friend as you get up and go to Starbucks and drink you lattes, go to your markets and choose from a abundance of food, sit in your air conditioned homes and enjoy the good life you had better be thankful to God and a strong military because people like ISIS would come in here in a heart beat and destroy those things and cut your heads off of your bodies and rape your daughters and kill your children.

So yes in the midst of you cook outs, the fireworks, the celebrations remember to thank God and the veterans today and times past who served in order for you to enjoy you little cook outs and family times together today and your independence today.

My thanks and Praise to God to be born and raised in this great country. I stand at attention today, lift my arm and hand to salute my fellow Veterans, those now serving, who have served, are now passed on who have all given a portion of their lives to allow others to even have a day like this that they can celebrate.

God bless you to all my brother and sister veterans and thank you for giving up a portion of your lives so others have the freedom today to celebrate with friends and family.

To all others who did not serve in the military, God bless you and hope you have a wonderful 4th of July, Happy Independence Day !!!

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