Hey, what’s God done for me?

God has been good to you. He has put air in your lungs today, given you another day of life, given you a place to stay, clothes on your body and food in your belly. We’ll Randy that’s not allot, I see people with private jets millions of dollars to their name, mansions that they live in etc. What’s so great about those things you mentioned.

Well it all depends upon your perspective. There are millions of people who went to bed hungry last night. Millions that have little shacks they live in that do not even give them shelter from the elements, have no running water, plumbing etc.. Millions living under tarps, millions looking for scraps of food.

Children searching through garbage dumps looking for something to eat. Babies dying because their mother has no milk in their breasts for them. Friend God has been good to you and allowed you to live in a wonderful country blessed with so many blessings.

You need to come out and worship and praise the Lord today in church. Well Randy I don’t need to go to church to worship and praise the Lord. I can do that out on my boat or out in the woods or right in my own home. You can’t corporately because you don’t have the body of Christ with you. Remember what the Bible says, don’t forsake the assembly of yourself together as the manner of some do.

Think if everyone thought like that. We would not have church anymore. Could not hire a pastor, could not pay the sewage bill, the water bill, the electric bill, have chairs to sit in etc.

Get up, get dressed and go to the church house. After all that God has given you and blessed you with you can’t give him an hour or so of your time on a Sunday.

Sure you can, come on, get up, let’s go to church, I’ll see you there !!! You’ll be glad you did !!!

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