Be Reconciled to God

Our friend and sister in the Lord Kala came down to visit yesterday. We went to visit the Key Deer Refuge and stopped at a little place they call the Blue Hole.

The Blue Hole is basically just a pond out in the woods that has alligators, turtles, fish, crabs, birds etc. Someone built a deck you can stand on and observe God’s creatures.

While standing upon the deck this lady and man are standing to our left and my wife notices that it is a woman that we had taken out to church one day after church, I had only met her once.

We hugged necks and spoke and my wife kept talking to her while I was speaking to another person standing on the deck.

When my wife finished she asked me to pray for Mona. I prayed and she began to weep and the man with her began to weep. I asked them to come to church.

She had been drinking and felt beaten up inside, I could tell. I prayed with her and in prayer we went before the Lord to a place where you find forgiveness, love and reconciliation and peace of heart and mind.

When I see lives damaged I desire to see them fixed. Maybe more so than the person needing fixing. But I have learned something over the years.

The old saying of you can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink is for sure a truth. We can share truth with people give direction and instruction but if they don’t listen and don’t do the things necessary for change you can’t really do much for them.

You can give them food, money, rides, clothes etc but that doesn’t really change them, only God can do that but that person must call out to the Lord and begin to walk in the ways of righteousness. They need to be disciples.

Quite honestly I think the modern day church has failed in this area. Why? Because they have departed from the full Gospel message.

When you have stopped doing that then you have departed from “THE” Faith. Then you fall into this category:

2Co 11:2 For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy. For I have espoused you to one Man, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ. 
2Co 11:3 But I fear lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve in his craftiness, so your thoughts should be corrupted from the simplicity due to Christ. 
2Co 11:4 For if, indeed, the one coming proclaims another Jesus, whom we have not proclaimed, or if you receive another spirit, which you did not receive, or another gospel, which you never accepted, you might well endure these.

You see we have another Gospel being preached today. It is a prosperity, feel good, be blessed and everything is going to be alright Gospel.

We have departed from sermons that convict people of sins and get people saved. We have stopped preaching sermons that reveal to the heart of a person that they are sinners, guilty before God, in need of a salvation AND sanctification. The modern church has stopped preaching about sin and the blood, it’s moved on to other things.

The church needs revival like never before. This Gospel of Jesus Christ does not need to be watered down to be acceptable to people.

We need men of God with fire shut up in their bones preaching the Word of God and not care if you like them or not, not scared if they preach on sin you will leave the church and take your money with you.

I would rather preach to one person with the full Gospel of Jesus Christ than to ten thousand with a watered down version. God help us to open our mouths with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the Love of God, the compassion of God and the Conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Be blessed have a wonderful day !!!