Is today worth Jesus Going to the Cross?

I shared yesterday about how my friend and brother in the Lord, Kris Bremer, after suffering through the night with very little sleep, suffering with the excruciating pain that took him to the Urgent care center from a kidney stone, came to the church, to work in our Christian Radio station, to get our computer system working, so that we could get back up and running again with the station.

Why does a person suffering from sleep deprivation, just having pain in their body so bad a few hours earlier, so bad they had to go to Urgent care, come out and work for a couple hours so that the gospel of Jesus Christ can continue to go out across the air waves?

Well you would have to ask Kris that but I believe it is because he loves the Lord and he loves people and cares about the work of the Lord.

As I awoke early this morning I thanked God for another day of life. I prayed that at the end of the day His plan and purpose would be fulfilled in my life and this day would be productive for Him.

Jesus went to the Cross so that you could live this day. He went to the Cross so that you could be purchased and ransomed out of the kingdom of darkness and be able to come into the marvelous light of His Kingdom.

What will you do with this day of life that God has so lovingly gave you? Will you live for him and let him be known today through your actions, words and love for Him and others?

Or will you just focus on your life, your problems, your family and not care about the needs of others?

Kris didn’t do that, he did what the Bible said, he did not just focus on his own needs but the needs of others. We can learn something from his actions:

Php_2:4  Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.
Even when being stretched by physical ailments Kris was not focused only on him, his wife, his four and no more but his concern was for the things of others also.
Many times we place ourselves as the most important person in our life for the day with no regard for others. We place ourselves at the top of the list. But what does the Bible teach us:
Php_2:3  Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.
Sometime back I heard a statement made during a study on evangelism. It said share this Gospel of Jesus Christ with others and sometimes use words.
Sister Gina stopped by the other day and gave some clothes for the Dominican Republic, she is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Sister Mary Ellen came to our church last Sunday night and she said she had food for these needy people, she wants to share the Gospel with her actions.
Many times people think that being an evangelist is sharing the four spiritual law tracks with someone to lead them to Christ but that is only one aspect of Evangelism.
We are all told to do the work of an evangelist. What that really breaks down to is obedience and submissiveness to God that you love in your heart and love for others.
That’s what Jesus said it was really all about. It’s all about love. God loving us first, us loving God second and third us loving others. Beautiful and wonderful love.
The principle of the Bible declares the principle of sowing and reaping. If you sow love, you reap love. The more love you sow the greater the Harvest of love you will get.
Jesus went to the Cross to give you another day of life today. What will you do for God with this day of life given to you?
Will you encourage someone today, give someone a hand up or a hand out? Will you think of the needs of others today instead of just your own?
I shared with my wife the other morning that to serve God is to serve others. God is on His Throne, He does not need you to bring Him a glass of ice tea or a warm meal.
But He does have a people that he loves and God has saved us to fulfill his plan and purpose in our lives to reach out to others.
I guess the question today is, “Will you do the work of an evangelist today in word or action? Will you focus on the needs of others and not just your own? Will you hold others in higher esteem than your own self?
At the end of the day was it worth Jesus going to the Cross to give you life for this day of life he has given you?
Make this a productive day for the Lord. Pray for someone other than yourself. Share with someone in need, love someone and give of yourself even if it is only on the phone to someone that needs to be heard, who is suffering, and going through a hard time. When the day ends today and you lay your head on your pillow know that you have served the one you love by your actions.
Have a blessed day, God loves you !!!
Kris Bremer thank you for a life lesson in servanthood !!!