You know, I just don’t believe that

“Unbelief stifles the release of the miraculous.”

If memory serves me right the year was about 1995. My brother Julio and I had been going to South America and Central America for a few years together.

In the services, we saw the Lord restore sight to blind eyes. People with deaf ears regain their hearing. Tumors instantly leave bodies. Children given only a couple of days to live by doctors get instantly healed.

We saw demons come out of people, people get delivered from addictions, people get saved, marriages restored and so many more wonderful ways people were touched.

But I sat there in my room in 1995 and said, “Why Lord”? Why were we seeing so many wonderful things happening in other countries and so few in comparison in this country?

In other words why so many supernatural things by the Spirit of God in other countries and not our own. The answer that I came to was unbelief.

For the most part, allot of the people who came to the services were poor people. No insurance, no extra money for doctors and things of this nature.

There was just no help if God did not help. They were in a position of really needing God and they would come expecting something from God in a service. Someone once said expectations are the breeding ground for miracles.

So often here in the United States, we go to the doctors, the hospitals, take the medicines, follow the doctors’ orders and if things do not get better then we cry out to God when crying out to God should be the first thing we should be doing.

We have church services today void of the supernatural and think that is what church is supposed to be like. No body gets saved, healed, set free, no deliverance etc. We have a form of godliness but deny the power:

2Ti_3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

This is one scripture the world is good at. Why do people not show up on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Wednesday nights? There is no supernatural power of God in our services any longer. And the sad thing is, people are ok with that.

I don’t know, I guess I have seen too much for so many years of seeing the supernatural to ever be satisfied with the natural in church services today.

When people see the Supernatural working power of God in church services they get excited and want to come to church and bring their friends and the church grows.

Folks pray for your pastors, the Sunday School teachers, the workers in the church. Ask God for the supernatural to return. Friend, God is powerful, a mighty deliverer, an awesome Savior, tremendous healer, provider, a supplier to those who BELIEVE!

Jesus said the words, “According to your faith be it done unto you.” What are you believing God for today? What are you believing in faith for today? Anything?

Why so down cast? Discouraged? Disillusioned? Why has a faith, once so strong and confidence in God now become so weak and unsure?

Today is the day to cast off those heavy bands that are holding you captive to doubt, fear and unbelief. Ask God to remove from your life the discouragement, the depression and bring His mighty deliverance.

Rise up above your circumstances in Faith. You are not a cast down, trodden under the foot people. You are a child of God!! The Bible says your body is the temple of God and the Spirit of God resides within you. You…Are….Somebody !!!

Today you need to rise up in Faith and declare with an open mouth…Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Declare….I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Declare this is the day that the Lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it. Remind yourself today that God will lower you mountains, fill in your valleys, make your crooked ways straight and your rough places smooth.

God will make a way in the wilderness for you, a river in the desert and even streams in the waste lands. Is there anything too hard for God? The answer is NO, NOTHING.

Come out of your unbelief today and have faith in God. Remember what the Bible says, without faith it is impossible to please God.

Friend let faith arise and your enemies be scattered today and you will find out that you will have the kind of day that God wants you to have, God bless you today !!!